Sermon = Are we where (Mark 11)


Sermon = Are we where
Text = Mark 11
Sunday = Palm Sunday (B)

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  • *** What day is today?
  • Today we emphasize Palm Sunday
  • Remember / experience / reflect upon the last Sunday
  • First day of that week
  • When finally Jesus arrives at Jerusalem
  • Take a moment to recognize what happens
  • The way gospel of Mark describes
  • Begins final act
  • Moment of crisis toward which gospel of Mark has been taking us
  • First half = Galilee… who is this Jesus?
  • Answer = Messiah / son of the living God
  • And do we understand?
  • Now on the way to Jerusalem… what kind of messiah?
  • Jesus consistently predicts he will be rejected + arrested + killed
  • And rise again
  • *** Finally Jesus + followers come to Jerusalem
  • In gospel of Mark Jesus comes as a pilgrim
  • With tens of thousands of others
  • *** Once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Jerusalem the holy city
  • To observe + participate in festival of Passover
  • Hints in Mark Jesus is a king
  • Like an enthronement procession
  • Like kings of ancient world including Old Testament
  • Kings ride on a donkey
  • However Jesus
  • Whom we know is the Christ / son of the living God
  • Humble + lowly
  • Completely silent
  • For years have been bothered by odd details in the story

  • Yes much we learn about Jesus
  • Observe many other people in the story
  • Like us
  • *** Jesus sends two of his disciples
  • With a simple task
  • They go + they do
  • In a village / find a colt / untie / bring
  • In a small town outside the city
  • If Son of God comes or passes through
  • And borrows your car
  • What are you doing?
  • The Lord needs it and will return it
  • Something valuable + useful
  • When God needs it do we say yes
  • Not asking you to give money or car to church
  • What is your colt? Something we have
  • Entrust it to Jesus when he needs it
  • They throw their cloaks on it
  • These are their jackets! Their clothes!
  • And lay them on the road
  • What do I have that is close to me
  • In Old Testament cloak is most basic possession
  • Will I lay it on an animal? Lay it on the road?
  • So Jesus Christ son of living God
  • Can sit on it? Even ride on it?
  • Clothes / pride / vocation?
  • What is my cloak
  • Do we surrender that to God for his holy use
  • They also spread branches from the fields
  • So colt = something valuable + useful
  • Cloak or garment = something close + dear we use every day
  • Branches
  • People work to harvest + offer for Jesus
  • Something that takes work or creativity
  • What you can make or do
  • Music / song / art
  • Service / even administration
  • What can you do or create or spread
  • Before coming presence of God?
  • Something else we must not overlook
  • *** These people are there
  • Might not think you do or give much
  • Most basic / essential / powerful
  • Is to show up
  • To be there
  • To be here
  • Are we where in this story today?
  • Are we ready to lay down the things valuable to us / dear to us / close to us / to put them before Jesus who needs them?
  • Or are we like the crowds who on Sunday cheer + celebrate + worship
  • yet a few days later choose other things over Jesus and shout crucify him!
  • Are we ready to follow after Jesus? Allow him to define his mission and purpose in our lives?
  • Welcome / follow / proclaim Jesus the lowly one
  • The king who comes in silent humility
  • *** And invites us to follow

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