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This post combined and updates two previous posts.

I continue to think of small ways hopefully to improve the materials offered on this website. One is relatively simple. I have started adding hyperlinks to biblical references in the Translation files – specifically to BibleGateway (here is an example). [Added 2018-08-18 – And in the Lectionary files and Hebrew/Greek notes.] Sometimes the notes say “compare to such and such verse” (especially to that verse or those verses in Greek or Hebrew). I will also start to add hyperlinks to the passage being translated/discussed in both English and Hebrew/Greek.


Since I started adding links to BibleGateway – so that dear visitors could view biblical texts in English and in Hebrew or Greek – it only made sense to expand this idea to other translations and versions such as the Septuagint and Targumim. So starting in about September 2018 I have started adding links so that visitors can view the verse/passage in the Septuagint or Targumim when it seems relevant (text critical or hermeneutics). I have been unable to find a website that works like BibleGateway for viewing individual verses in translation alongside original for the Septuagint and Targumim. A good friend and colleague directed me to the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon project that allows one to view a specific verse in Aramaic and Syriac. Kata Biblion allows one to view not individual verses but a given chapter in the Septuagint – alongside an “open” English translation. Note that for some verses/chapters the chapter:number is quite different from the MT and/or English.

I have also started adding links to verses in the Vulgate (Latin) at Bible Gateway. Unfortunately I cannot yet add links to Qumran or Cairo Geniza texts.


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