About me

Shortly after confessing faith in Christ as a teenager was confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church. I now serve as pastor of a United Methodist church. After thirty years as a Baptist. And more than two decades of pastoral ministry among Baptists. For various reasons sensed it was time to leave that place of service and God in his strange providence led me to the United Methodist Church. Am passionately ecumenical and have a special appreciation for Anglican and Orthodox Christianity. Revere and respect the traditional teachings and practices of the Christian church through the centuries.

The handful of dear readers might like to know a little more about where I am coming from. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Near Eastern Studies (focusing on ancient Near Eastern languages and literature, including the Hebrew Bible). And graduated from a “moderate” Baptist seminary.** I was fortunate to take several classes at the Presbyterian seminary across the street. I have taught courses as an adjunct instructor at two universities in this state.

This is not my only blog. However I wanted to start a separate blog that focuses on theological and biblical topics and stays away from politics and culture. So if church members peruse this blog hopefully they will not come across anything too controversial. Although good theology must sometimes risk controversy by challenging false teachings and the spirit of the age.

“Plenum creaturis”?

It is surprisingly difficult to create catchy new titles for a website. One of the cornerstones of my theological perspective is that the world is not full of things, rather the universe is filled with creatures. Which if you translate into Latin comes out to something like (universum est) plenum creaturis.*

*A friend who teaches Latin assisted with the translation mundus est plenum creaturis. I took the liberty of changing mundus to universum and therefore plenus to plenum.

**It was recently announced that the seminary from which I graduated will close at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. For the last ten years it has been struggling. Lord have mercy.