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Chaos and/versus(?) the Fall in Job 40-41

“Look at Behemoth,     which I made just as I made you;     it eats grass like an ox. 16 Its strength is in its loins,     and its power in the muscles of its belly. 17 It makes its tail stiff like a cedar; … Continue reading

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Announcement = Adding links so lectionary posts link to each other

I am still looking for ways to improve this website so it is more useful for clergy and laity alike. I have started adding links to the Lectionary posts to that they link to the previous day or Sunday and to … Continue reading

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Late Lent and Pascha and unexpected variations in liturgical calendar

Originally posted on Mangy Dog:
Since seminary have used the lectionary and followed the Christian liturgical calendar. The two are related but distinct. Theoretically one can observe the liturgical calendar without following the lectionary. In fact back in 2000(?) when…

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Sabbath, parts I-XXVI

Originally posted on Mangy Dog:
Ed. Starting in 2006 I wrote a series of at least 26 short articles on the subject of keeping Sabbath and its importance for the Christian church. Here they are. All of them. Holy Play (or)…

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Lections = Easter Vigil (C)

Amazingly long documents because the lections for Easter Vigil are an overview of how Christ “fulfills” the Old Testament. Lections_EasterVigilC_20190420 (PDF) Lections_EasterVigilC_20190420 (DOCX) Hebrew notes = Genesis 1:1- Hebrew notes = Genesis 2:4a Hebrew notes = Genesis 7:1-5, 11-18 Hebrew notes = … Continue reading

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Build a good foundation now for a useful website later

I have gone through a few different websites since 2005. Live the Trinity which I replaced with Mangy Dog with hopefully less culture and politics. Since leaving my last ministry setting set up Mangy Dog Blog with WordPress which is … Continue reading

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