Let’s talk about tags. I have never used tags with any of my previous websites. However will start adding them to posts.


I am adding tags to make it easier to find lections (for a particular Sunday or feast day) or to find Hebrew notes (for a particular book of the Bible or even for a particular Sunday). Tags are always “one word” by which I mean 2Samuel, SiloamTunnel, EasterVigilB, and so on. And I have tried to keep a simple and consistent format for Sundays and feast days. Generally (which Sunday in a season)(which season or feast day)(which year A, B, or C). So…

5th Sunday after Epiphany year A would be 5EpiphanyA
2nd Sunday in Lent year B would be 2LentB
Easter Vigil year C would be EasterVigilC
Christmas Day II year B (this one is a little tricky) would be ChristmasDayB2 (to distinguish from ChristmasDayB1)

Update 2018-06-18 = Nativity has been tricky but I have settled on a consistent approach. ChristmasEve = Nativity1, ChristmasDay1 = Nativity2, ChristmasDay2 = Nativity3. I have had to correct a few posts where I labeled ChristmasDay1 as Nativity1 and ChristmasDay2 as Nativity2.


I debated whether to include tags for seasons and if so how broad they should be. So far I have decided to include tags for seasons but not too broad. For example Sundays after Pentecost year A would be PentecostSeasonA. Sundays after Easter year B would be EastertideB. I have not yet decided whether to include broad tags such as Eastertide (without specifying which year in the lectionary cycle). This is a work in progress and I probably will continue to revise tags for seasons.