Use of these materials

I post these materials so they may be of use to others especially fellow clergy. I have only two conditions.

(1) Please give me credit if you use these materials (other than the lectionary readings). It can be as simple as my name at the top of a handout or buried in a footnote. If you adapt these materials please give me credit for the original. How you do so is up to you. Good examples of this would be the Aramaic short vowel chart 201604 prefinal / Aramaic short vowel chart 201604 prefinal and the Hebrew Verb Helps – GR and RW revised 20171226 / Hebrew Verb Helps – GR and RW revised 20171226. We give credit to the original author and list who borrowed and adapted them.

(2) Unless special permission is asked and given no notes or materials found on this website may be used by University Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana